Building a business team takes more than finding skilled people with professional skills. In fact, an interview for Corner Office, which involved more than 500 leaders, reveals how building a productive and creating a firm sense of teamwork should be done. They also offer the foundation for building the right atmosphere for team members to communicate and cooperate innovatively for optimal performance.

Here are the top insights from the interview on building a successful business team:

1. Devise a plan

To build a successful business team, you need clear and measurable goals for your dream team to work on. However, you need to be focused and narrow your goals to not more than three. Doing so, helps you stick to your priorities and your team to follow through with them.

2. Partake in day-to-day operations with the team

Although hiring the right people to work for your business is a primary need, and a determiner of success, it is not enough. You need to create room for autonomy, delegate some tasks, and still be involved in reinforcing the priorities of your business. If done well, delegating and keeping your team focused on the top priorities results in a strong cultural organization bound by a teamwork spirit.

3. Create a clear roadmap for your business objectives

As a leader, building a business team requires your guidance on your business objectives and the process by which to achieve them. You could come up with a scoreboard to assess progress and hold every team member accountable for their work.

Once you have a simplified plan for your business priorities, you can bring your team together through shared values and scoreboard. Reinforcing your priorities and getting employees to familiarize with your scoreboard will result in harmony in your work processes. As a result, your business will have an aligned organizational culture, where all employees are in synchronicity with the rest of the staff and your business objectives.

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