If you haven’t done much sales, here’s a little secret: just about anyone can do it.

Sure, it takes a lot of effort to always be excited about a  product or service, continually look for new prospects and deliver great results. It also takes some confidence and self-discipline to keep going.

But if you learn the basics and work in a supportive environment, it’s not hard to do well in sales. Then, with a little more coaching, you can perform even better.

Better sales people will tell you they always like learning new ways to get people excited about what they have to offer and also keep themselves organized. Less  time on paperwork means more time out in the field and potentially more money!

Consider these sales suggestions to help transform just about anyone into a super seller:

Build relationships.

Convincing strangers to buy is a challenge and requires you to always be pushing hard. But better salespeople try to avoid this type of “cold call” by getting to know potential prospects. You’ll learn about their challenges and how you can help them. More importantly, they’ll get to know you. When  they need help and are ready to buy, they’ll know to reach out to you first. Then you can grow things from there.

Target your prospects.

Your time is precious and so is your client’s time. the time of your clients. That means you should focus efforts mainly on those most likely to buy from you. Though it never hurts to network, you’ll be limiting your efforts if you take too long talking to people who won’t need or want your product. Though there are exceptions if you sell something for the public, most sales teams  have identified their ideal customer.

Follow up.

Customers like it when they see you again, whether they had a good or a less good experience. They likely will be more comfortable buying again, if they have the same quality experience. So give it to them!

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