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Finding Your Next Equipment Leasing Solution

When you need equipment financing, you need options. It’s not always practical to purchase the machines you need to get jobs done, especially if you foresee needing them for a short time or if they have short useful lifespans. That’s why it’s important to work with financing specialists who can also connect you to equipment leasing options when they are your best option. Dhanani Funding has put together a multifaceted financing program that connects your business to both leasing and purchasing options whenever you need new machines to get the job done.

Startup Program

One of the biggest challenges new companies face is the ability to access financing for equipment during their first two years of operation. Many lenders will not work with a company whose history is less than 24 months old, which is why startup programs like ours are so vital.


Sometimes, you need working capital and you don’t want to take on new debt. When that happens, accessing the equity built up in your assets is a great way to raise the money you need. Leasebacks allow you to sell your older equipment while leasing access to it so you can put that equity to work.

Funding Tiers

No matter what kind of financing you are looking for, our programs all follow the same basic funding tiers. Products at each tier have terms up to 84 months, as well as flexible payment structures to help your financing fit your business cycle.

  • Up to $150,000 is available with an approved application
  • $150,000 to $500,000 is available with qualifying disclosures
  • Customers with confirmed incomes and assets supporting it can access financing above $500,000 as well

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Our equipment financing can scale with your company’s size and income, so you can make a plan to grow while knowing you will be able to access the equipment financing you need at every stage in your process. Contact our associates today to get an application started.

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