Franchise Financing

Franchise Financing for New and Experienced Investors

Investing in a new business is always a complex venture, and you need financing that fits your business model in general and your specific plan for your company. This truth doesn’t change when you decide to invest in a franchise company, but most business loans are not designed with franchise financing in mind. That’s why Dhanani Funding has built a specialized program just for franchise operators. It is designed to be easy to access for first-time owners while being powerful enough for veteran investors, too.

Financing for Franchises of All Shapes and Sizes

Once you qualify for the loan, you are free to use the proceeds to improve and strengthen your business in multiple ways like – acquiring new real estate for second location, increase advertising budget, provide staff trainings and much more. The team at Dhanani Funding believes your franchise business should be as turn-key as possible, without any snags in funding. Our comprehensive program for franchise financing offers benefits such as:

  • Extra cash for working capital
  • LTV up to 90 percent
  • First time owners
  • Terms up to 25 years
  • Rates as low as six percent
  • Fast closings and commitments
  • No prepayment penalties

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Launching a new franchise requires financing for everything from commercial real estate, equipment, staffing, and more. If you think your business would benefit from franchise financing, contact the experts at Dhanani Funding to help make the launch of your franchise smooth and efficient.

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