Purchase Order Financing

Build Your Business with Purchase Order Financing

Do you have a purchase order and looking for capital to buy raw material or supplies for getting the order ready on a timely basis? Look no further than Dhanani Funding. Finding ways to stabilize your cash flow that also allow you to take advantage of every incoming opportunity can be a challenge, but it’s a great way to make sure your company grows as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, cash flow is not easy to predict or control. That’s where financial products like purchase order financing can help. By allowing you to access your incoming money to start projects, you can more easily count on having the funds you need to start work. That means you never have to turn away an order again.

How Financing Purchase Order Works

When you apply for this kind of advance, our staff will review your existing purchase orders and your customers’ payment histories and credit ratings. That’s because it’s their likelihood of paying promptly that determines the lender’s risk on this advance. We also take over collecting payment on financed orders, so you can focus on your business. Our associates deduct the advance and service fees, passing processed payments on to you afterward. This kind of financing works for a variety of businesses such as domestic production, international imports and exports, wholesale and distribution.

Benefits of Financing Purchase Orders:

  • Increase volumes of business by handling larger orders
  • Never turn away large or unexpected orders
  • No long-term debt added to the company’s portfolio
  • Have money on hand to take advantage of opportunities
  • No dilution of equity in the business

Start Growing Your Business:

If you want to your business to grow and thrive without the burden of debt, contact the team at Dhanani Funding. We will work with you to create a growth strategy through our purchase order financing program.

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