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Alternative Financing Options for Emerging Businesses

For many years, there has been a constant need for alternative financing to support the goals of entrepreneurs and emerging businesses.  As financial journalist Matthew Moisan wrote in an article...... Read More

How to Best Leverage an SBA Loan

The word leverage “refers to a factor by which force is multiplied,” but it also has financial significance. When it relates to finance, it usually means “an investment strategy of...... Read More

Customer Retention: Why It’s Vital to Your Business

Do you know which of your company’s activities have the most substantial ROIs (returns on investments)? If you point automatically towards certain marketing methods, you might be on the right...... Read More

3 Things No Business Plan Can Go Without

A business plan is a vital document used during either the startup or growth phase of a business. While there are no official formats for a business plan, there are...... Read More