Customer service is critical to improving customer experience and promotes the retention of customers.

Here are the top tips for improving customer service:

Build captivating impressions  

Impressions matter in all areas of business, the perception of your business by customers depends on the packing of your products or services, and your interactions with them on the phone, chat messaging and email. If you make a remarkable, first-time impression, you will turn prospects into loyal customers stemming from that simple first interaction.


Are your products and services easy to use? It is commendable to try them out before presenting them to customers. For instance, if you offer products for sale on a web portal, make sure your website is mobile-friendly.
If you run a hotel, make sure the entrance is always clean, the door is easy to pull, and the menu items are comprehensible and straightforward. Also, for self-service packages, make it easy for customers to find assistance, either over the phone, via mail or chat messaging channels. Doing so creates a sense of hospitability and customers will do shopping from you when they can get the product or service they want with ease.

Timely deliveries  

Are you customers served within the timelines you have stipulated in your terms of service? If you offer 24 hours shipping for your orders, adhere to the timeline or surpass customer expectations by delivering their products before time. Customers love it when you prioritize their needs.

Invest in constant improvements  

Follow the Kaizen philosophy, to improve your service delivery systems frequently by adding new methods or benefits. For example, if your customer service is available on the phone, you can offer a toll-free number for all customers all premium services depending on the nature of your business.

Benchmark your practices with your competition  

If you sell toys, do not rest because you have a stable stream of income. Take the time to figure out how your delivery system and incentives compare to your competitors and industry leaders. Doing so will help you see what standard your customer service should emulate to retain and win more customers.

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