Creating a strong corporate culture is something that requires dedication and planning. Consider these ideas for supporting your team and culture so that you can see positive improvements at your workplace.

1. Embrace Innovation

Allow your team to have an entrepreneurial think tank event. Have everyone pitch ideas and truly embrace collaboration and innovation through this initiative.

2. Recognition

Recognize exceptional work and team players. Take the time for public shout-outs or the opportunity to publicly recognize the hard work and dedication of an employee, not just from supervisors but also teammates. Don’t be afraid to give out incentives either.

3. Food Incentives

Create opportunities for team members to go to lunch together on the company’s budget. This can create comradery and bonding within teams. Even if your company cannot afford it take the time to bond over food.

4. Recharging

Provide your team with the ability to relax and recharge with napping pods or stations. Sometimes you need to recharge and by normalizing this, you can let people know it is okay to be a human being.

5. Teach Your Team a Skill

Let your staff teach the group something. Whether you offer exercise classes, pottery demos or cooking experiences, give everyone the chance to learn a bit more about their colleagues. Even better, reimburse these experiences to show you truly value them.

6. Unplug Together

Take an opportunity to all unplug together. Electronics can be a huge distraction, but a necessary one; however, regardless of whether this is a company walk or a staff meeting, take some time to fully unplug and tap into your creativity.

7. Do Something Fun

Whether you have a small library of books, games for your team members or an office outing, consider giving your staff members a break with something not related to work. Nothing supports corporate culture like kicking back and bonding over a game or joint interest.

8. Communicate More Efficiently

Communication is flexible, and it may be time to evaluate if there are improvements to communication within your team. Consider utilizing tools and channels that work to maximize efficiency like, Trello, Slack, Skype and Microsoft Teams.

9. Promote Learning

Embracing growth and learning allow employees to see that your company culture promotes education and development. This is a key component of why people choose to stay at jobs. Make sure that you offer opportunities for employees so that they can avoid feeling stagnant.

Employee engagement, recognition, growth, and community are all factors that can impact your corporate culture. Make sure that you do your research and first understand your current culture so that you know best how to fix it.